Tree and Shrub Care Services

Save Time & Frustration by Letting the Pro’s Treat Your Trees & Shrubs This Year!

To keep your trees and shrubs looking beautiful and healthy, certain care needs to go into them at certain times of the year. The following is basic information and services offered for your trees and shrubs.

Spotted Lanterfly Control (SLF)

We offer systemic insecticides in early spring to control SLF as well as contact insecticide applications later in the season.


During the scheduled visits throughout the growing season, we will treat for insect and disease problems, and some plants will be treated to prevent known common pests. Not all insects and diseases are treatable with a spraying service. We also do not make blanket applications on your entire landscape. This would put pesticides into the environment to no avail as well as potentially killing beneficial predatory insects.

Dormant Oil

Horticultural oil is applied in late winter to early spring prior to or during bud break. This application provides early protection against the first insects out of hibernation as well as disease spores. This helps to prevent disease and insect problems during the growing season.

Systemic Insecticide

Applied in March around certain species of trees and shrubs to control a variety of insects for three to four months. It is not harmful to children, pets, or wildlife.

Granular Fertilization of Broadleaf Evergreens

Provides three to four months of nutrients to broadleaf evergreens.

Pre-Emergence Weed Control

A granular herbicide broadcast in your landscape to prevent 111 weeds from germinating for two to four months. It does not control existing weeds.

Deep Root Feeding

All landscape plantings as well as large trees benefit from deep root feeding. This treatment should be considered annually.

Winter Burn

A treatment that coats the foliage of evergreens with the wax-like layer. Plants that keep their foliage over the winter lose water due to transpiration. An antidesiccant will help to protect plants against water loss during the winter season, hence protecting plants from winter burn damage.

Systemic Tree Injection

A method of putting nutrients, fungicides, or insecticides into a tree’s vascular system. This method poses no threat to the environment and also puts the nutrient or pesticide into fast effective use to help save trees.