Frequently Asked Questions

What are major factors that determine how my lawn looks?

  1. The amount and type of topsoil present
  2. The amount and frequency of rain and heat during the growing season
  3. The quality of fertilizer and frequency applied
  4. The type of grass species
  5. Proper mowing practices

What are proper mowing practices for a healthy lawn?

  1. Mow at 3.5 inches at all times of the year
  2. Mow frequently to avoid cutting too much of the grass blade off at one time
  3. Keep mower blades sharpened
  4. Leave grass clippings on the lawn

How many lawn applications must I sign up for?

We recommend the full program of seven applications to ensure client satisfaction. A minimum of five applications is required to become a client. If desiring less than five applications, contact us to review your options.

What are the best watering practices?

  1. Use a rain gage to keep track of rainfall so you know how much water the lawn is getting per week.
  2. Lawns need 1-1.5 inches of water per week.
  3. Water early in the morning to prevent diseases.
  4. We suggest watering once or twice a week to promote deep root growth.

What is the importance of doing a soil test?

A soil test helps our team to manage your lawn by showing us the nutrient levels of the soil so we can correct imbalances through lime, potash, and proper fertilization.

What is Nutsedge?

Nutsedge is a light, apple-green colored weed, and it grows faster than grass. It requires a specific herbicide to control which is applied during the summer. It is a perennial that spreads via underground nutlets. Do not pull the nutsedge out because it will encourage it to spread more rapidly.

What are the restrictions for weed control applications?

The lawn should not be cut for 8 hours after application. Also, children and pets should be kept off for 2 hours or until the application is dry.

What are the best steps to ensure proper seeding/overseeding?

  1. The best time of year to seed is between mid-August to mid-October.
  2. Do not mow until the grass is at least 4 inches high, then do not cut below 3.5 inches.
  3. Too much rain or sunshine will prohibit growth.

Why are mushrooms in my yard? How do I get rid of them?

  1. Mushrooms are usually a sign of a healthy lawn because it is indicative of organic matter being present which is good.
  2. They appear in the lawn when conditions are warm and wet.


  1. There is no product to spray on a lawn to kill mushrooms without harming turf so we do not offer a application for this problem.
  2. You must remove them via mowing, rake or pulling with hands. This does not completely remove or kill the mushroom as the mycelium is in the soil and the part we see above the soil is the fruiting body. After removal of the fruiting body they may reappear quickly if the conditions are correct.

What are your payment terms?

You may prepay for the year, or pay as you go.  An invoice will be left at your door at the time of service. You have 30 days to pay. You may mail a check or pay with a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card.