Lawn Care Services

Save Time & Frustration by Letting the Pro’s Treat Your Lawn This Year!

Standard Lawn Care Program

#1 Pre-Emergence Crabgrass Control & Early Spring Fertilization: March-April

Our granular fertilizer provides crabgrass control while supplying a complete slow-release nutrient-rich fertilizer package.

#2 Spring Broadleaf Weed Control: April-May

This liquid application controls existing broadleaf weeds.

#3 Late Spring Fertilization: May-June

Our slow-release granular fertilizer provides a nutrient-rich package and is enhanced with organic compounds to improve soil structure and benefit turfgrass over the summer months.

#4 Grub Plus: June-July

This granular application is applied preventively (before grubs hatch) which enables us to use a safer environmentally friendly product compared to curative control products. It will control all species of grubs for the season. Included in our Grub Plus Application is an added surface feeding insecticide for 30-day control of damaging insects such as sod webworms, chinch bugs, billbugs, fleas, and ticks.

#5 Early Fall Fertilization: August-September

Our slow-release granular fertilizer provides a nutrient-rich package and is enhanced with organic compounds to improve soil structure and turfgrass. Fall is the most effective time of the year to apply fertilizer.

#6 Fall Broadleaf Weed Control: September-October

This liquid application controls existing broadleaf weeds.

#7 Late Fall Fertilization: October-November

Our granular fertilizer encourages deep root growth while providing the plant with nutrients for better winter survival. This encourages an earlier spring greening and better survival during summer drought periods.

Please Note: All applications are not required but recommended to ensure a healthy lawn and client satisfaction. We do require a minimum of five lawn applications to be a client. If desiring less than five applications, contact us to review options.  Applications that are scheduled will be on a continuing basis from year-to-year with a reminder letter mailed every winter. This means service is automatic every year.

If you have questions deciding which services your lawn needs and what to expect from the superior service we provide, contact us for assistance with your decision-making process.

Special Lawn Applications

In addition to the most common applications listed above, the following are special Lawn applications to consider based on your individual property.

Aerating: Spring and Fall
  • Increases air, water, and nutrient movement to the root zone
  • Intensifies decomposition of thatch
  • Helps relieve soil compaction
  • Improves water drainage
  • Decreases insect and disease problems
  • Creates a seedbed
Lime: Early Spring or Late Fall

Periodic lime applications are an important part of maintaining plant health and vigor. We provide applications of lime to raise the soil pH level in your lawn after taking a soil sample for analysis.

Natural Organic Fertilizer

This natural organic fertilizer is environmentally safe and non-toxic and provides a slow-release feeding to your lawn. Major benefits of organic fertilizer include:

  • Contributes to the building of soil structure
  • Adds microbial organisms
  • Reduces thatch layer naturally
  • Adds organic matter
Nutsedge Control: July-August

This light, apple-green colored weed resembles a grass plant and grows faster than the turf and germinates during the summer months

Summer Broadleaf Weed Control: June-August

This application is to control summer annual weeds as well as other broadleaf weeds that emerge between the spring and fall weed applications. Applied only if weather permits.

Drillseeding or Overseeding
  • Mechanically drills seed into existing turf or lawn
  • Repairs damaged turf
Surface Feeding Insecticide: July-September
  • Provides 30 day protection against surface feeding insect damage
  • Helps prevents insect damage later into the season
  • Common insects it help controls: Chinch Bugs, Sod Webworms, Fall Army Worms, Ticks, Fleas
Bermudagrass and Nimblewill Control: July-August

A selective application to control Bermudagrass and Nimblewill.